w.j.m's b/w picture gallery

w.j.m's b/w picture gallery

Pen-plotter self-portrait (as of 1974)

[KONTUR picture]

This picture's history makes for a somewhat confusing story; suffice to say that I also created the quite similar portrait of mine that has appeared in print several times, with a mistaken attribution to H. W. Strube.

NEWS: Finally, the source of those publications - the one vellum paper original that I had donated to M. R. Schroeder in 1975 - has been digitized and can be viewed here.

The raw data from which the above picture was made, are shown "dithered" below.

I derived them in 1974 from a line-printer output file (98x62 resolution!), created by folks then at Drittes Physikalisches Institut Göttingen, while they demonstrated to the public a video camera interfaced to the institute's H632 data processing system...

[greyscale picture]

More portraits

that I created on various occasions later, can be found here.

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